Haji Ruknudeen Institute of Islamic Studies

Haji Ruknudeen Institute ASJA Trinidad

The Haji Ruknudeen Institute of Islamic Studies (HRIIS), an arm of the ASJA, is the premier centre of Islamic teaching and learning which disseminates Islam to all interested persons with the aim and objective of propogating and promoting the creed and practices of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah.

The following courses are now bein conducted at the centre at Charlieville:

  1. Alim Course
  2. Advance Associate Degree
  3. Sisters Course

At the Marabella ASJA Jamaat, classes are alo being conducted with an attendance of 25 students. The coordinators for this programme are Maulanan Sheraz, Mualana Kavir Mohammed and Haji Rahimool Hosein, with the guidance of Dr. Musa Mohammed. These classes are geared to facilitate brothers and sisters of the community towards a better understanding of Islam.

Staff Members

Staff Members of the Haji Ruknudeen Institute of Islamic Studies
1 Principal Mufti Asrarul Haque Al Azhari 320-0182
2 Vice Principal Maulana Kavir Mohammed Hijazi 476-4675
3 Teacher Mufti Ghulam Ahamad Chisti 349-0088 / 644-2270
4 Teacher Shaykh Junaid Ahmad Al Azhari 399-2591
5 Teacher Maulana Sheraaz Mohammed 653-3086
6 Teacher Hafiz Maulana Muhammad Zia ud deen Sialvi 366-0180