Archives and Museum

ASJA Presents its first and only Archives and Museum. The Archives and Museum will feature historical data, artefacts, photographs, books and presentations that constitutes and highlight our culture and heritage as Muslim brothers and sisters, and the history of as well as the contributions made to our country by Muslims, Asja and Islam. This will include our masaajids' history, our past imams and pioneers, and our schools, dating from the time of African slavery through Indian indentureship, up to the present and will continue into the future. Anyone with artefacts and historical data which may be of benefit to the museum may donate the same by contacting Kashma Khan, the ASJA office, or any committee member.

ASJA's archives and museum was formally opened by the acting prime minister and minister of finance the honourable Mr. Winston Dookeran, on Saturday April 14th, 2012, at ASJA's Haji Shafik Rahaman Education Complex, ASJA Avenue, Charlieville.

ASJA Archives & Museum Committee

ASJA Archives & Museum Committee
1 Curator Kashma Khan 701-1387
2 Member Abdul Qadir Khan 765-8170
3 Member Halima Sa'diyya Khan Sahadat 758-3175
4 Member Amirah Baksh Khan 748-3910
5 Member Sharaz Sahadat 799-0465

Museum Pictures

ASJA Museum Flyer
ASJA Museum 01
ASJA Museum 02