Committees and Councils

ASJA is a multi-faceted organization developed over the past 75 yrs. The structure of the organization is one of a networking body. The base of its operations, being the many musajid affiliated with the association. The association has a constitution, which outlines the structure of its organizations. The organization is sub divided into the many sections, which serve the national and muslim communities.

The ASJA has a sub structure as follows:

  1. A national executive.
  2. A council of trustees.
  3. Regional councils.
  4. Council of imams.
  5. Divorce council.
  6. Administration of the many musajid are governed by a Jamaat committee normally elected by the members of the particular community masjid.

The constitution provides that the members to pay a fee to be a financial member which entitles such a member to vote at elections at the various levels of the sub structure to elect officers and to run the many sub structures such as:

  1. Jamaats.
  2. Regional councils.
  3. Council of imams.
  4. Adhoc committees, which may be appointed from time to time.