Muslim World League

The then President General of ASJA, Haji Shafik Rahaman, who had, in 1976, been elevated to the prestigious position of being a member of Rabita's committee on "The Conference on the role of the Mosque" convinced the Rabita office in Saudi Arabia to jointly hold a conference in Trinidad for the Caribbean and South American regions. This Conference was held in 1977 with all the pomp and ceremony befitting a world conference at which delegates from the Caribbean and South American countries attended along with representatives of all the local Muslim organizations.

Eric Williams at Muslim World League ASJA TrinidadThe main addresses were delivered by the late Prime Minister, The Honourable Eric Williams and the Secretary General of Rabita. Over Twelve hundred (1,200) people attended what was considered to be the largest Muslim conference ever held in this part of the world. At the end of proceedings, Haji Shafik Rahaman was elected Secretary General and Bro. Kamal Hosein, Treasurer of -"The Islamic Conference of South America and the Caribbean-ICSAC. The Rabita's office was located in San Fernando and the relationship between ASJA and Rabita grew into intense coordination between the two organizations. When the Secretary General fell ill and, after his demise, Maulana Dr: Waffie Mohammed, an Aleemiyah trained Maulana, was appointed Regional Director.